Indianapolis Airport Parking

At Indianapolis Airport there are different options to park the vehicles.



This parking connects directly with the Airport, there’s no need of a shuttle bus service. It has covered parking spaces (levels 2 and 4) and the pedestrian bridge is covered as well. The 5th level is not a covered parking area.



- Half an hour - $2

- One day - $18

*Prices are subject to change


Cell Phone Lot

Ideal for guests waiting to pick up arriving passengers.

Please, follow the signs for the Cell Phone Lot at your arrivals at IND Airport.



Hourly Parking

It’s a good option to pick up or drop off passengers.



- Half an hour - $2

- One day - $48

*Prices are subject to change

If you park longer than 4 hours, it is better if you park your vehicle in the Daily Parking.



Park & Walk

The Park & Walk parking is located in the Long-Term Parking.

Rates: $14 / day.



Drop-off Passengers

There are two different places to drop-off or pick-up passengers. One of them is the Curbside Check-In and the second one is the Ticketing Hall check-in.



Pick-up Passengers

The Cell Phone Lot is an available area to wait for the passengers but drivers can park as well in the Terminal Parking Lot and meet passengers inside the airport.



Economy Parking Lot

It has more than 8,000 parking spaces and there is no limit of days to park the vehicles. If you are planning a long trip, we recommend you to get in touch with the parking staff to know more about conditions and prices (317 487 5017).


There is a shuttle service that connects the airport with the Economy Parking Lot and the Zone4. A people mover links directly with the terminal.


Drivers can pay with Cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and Diners Club credit cards.


Rates: One day - $9

*Prices are subject to change



Valet Parking

The Valet Parking is one of the most practical ways to park at the airport. The parking lot consists of covered spaces and there is a pedestrian bridge that connects directly with the terminal, and, indeed, no shuttle service is needed.


It is located in the Level 3 of the Terminal Garage Parking.


There are different services and amenities: Car Wash, Bottled water (seasonal), Luggage assistance and staff can prepare your car before pick-up it.



- One day - $27

*Prices are subject to change


The link below will direct you to the various methods and prices for parking. Parking maps, rates, online booking and customer satisfaction ratings are provided.

Indianapolis International Airport Parking

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Airports hotels with parking packages have become a favorite among seasoned travelers. Often less than the cost of airport parking alone, these packages offer convenient parking and hotel accommodation options when you leave or return from the airport. If you have en early morning depature, why not book an airport hotel that offers Park, Sleep and Fly packages, staying the night before you depart, rather than leaving home in the early hours of the morning?


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Indianapolis International Airport Parking